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A Nigerian pastor was recently paraded before the press by the police after being caught printing fake Naira notes

Godson Akubuiro, the oversea of “The Mountain Of Breakthrough Deliverance Ministry” in Lagos was arrested alongside his daughters and their boyfriends who were also part of his team.

He was apprehended by the Kogi State command of the State Security Service with the fake notes.

Pastor Godson Akubuiro Caught Making Fake Notes

Pastor Godson Akubuiro was  Caught Making Fake Notes

Pastor Akubuiro became so remorseful on apprehension .He burst into tears, started rolling on the floor and sighting Judas and Peter as examples of disciples who betrayed Jesus but actually loved their master.

He blamed Satan for leading him in to such a shameful act with his daughters.

He had established a 15-man syndicate to assist him in the production of fake currencies.