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A man in Ireland ate his landlord’s heart after the two had an agreement over a chess game on Sunday.

34 year old Saverio Bellante told police that he had eaten the heart of his landlord Tom O’Gorman because he engaged in a chess move that was against the rules.

Bellante claimed that his landlord had attempted to move the king in a way that was not allowed, the Irish media reported. O’Gorman went ahead to tell him to get out which made him furious.

He decided to cut his landlord on the head and chest before removing his lungs .Pathologists who examined the body confirmed that O’Gorman suffered dozens of knife wounds to his head and chest.

The murder has been described as ‘one of the most horrific acts of violence committed against an innocent person in Irish history.’

Police officers who found the mutilated body have been sent for trauma counseling. Mr Bellante has been charged with murder.