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By Kezia Agaba

The King of Buganda (Kabaka) Ronald Muwenda Mutebi will be visiting Bugerere (Kayunga district) this month. The tour is slated for January 14 to 20th  this year according to Buganda Kingdom officials.

Government blocked the Kabaka from visiting the district in 2009 citing security reasons. This however sparked chaos among Buganda royalists and anger at Mengo.

This time, government has promised to provide enough security to the King as he tours the district.Ofwono Opondo, the Government spokesperson was also quoted as saying; the Kabaka, just like any other citizen, was free to visit any part of the country.

“Since there is freedom of movement, he is free to move. The state shall provide him with security. I am not aware of any group of people opposing his visit. But if they exist, they are free to express their displeasure, but in a peaceful way,”Opondo said.

Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mutebi to Visit Bugerere

However, Ssabanyala Baker Kimeze, the cultural leader of the Banyala, a small ethnic group in Kayunga which claims independence from Buganda Kingdom, argue that Mengo should formally write to him if the Kabaka wishes to visit the area.

The government of Mengo however insists that the Kabaka does not need to get permission from anybody to travel in his kingdom.

“We shall not write to Kimeze because he is just a subject of the Kabaka. We cannot negotiate with him because we have never recognised him.” Dennis Walusimbi, the kingdom spokesperson told the press