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A man in Las Vegas was killed by his dog at their home on Saturday.
The dog attacked Tom Vick, a social studies teacher together with his wife Diane Vick, former mayor of Bullhead City as they tried to break up a fight between the boxer and another family pet,ABC 15 reported

Diane survived the attack with injuries but her husband died on Sunday.
Jack Hakim, current mayor of Bullhead City, told the Arizona Republic the attack was “pretty devastating” and that Diane Vick “was pretty well beat up.”

Dog kills owner

“We’ve had dog bites before but never something like this,” Hakim said. “It’s very sad for us in Bullhead City.”
“We’re just grateful that at least one of them was able to survive,” Hakim continued.

Vick, 65, who had been elected mayor of Bullhead City in 1999, was continuing to recover Monday. Both had been flown to Las Vegas, about 85 miles away by air, for medical treatment.