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By Kezia Agaba

She could be safely behind the tall iron gates of Luzira Prison, counting down the days remaining for her freely move under the sun, and the moon during the night, I mean -Kampala club lights but no; Bad Black may not be a free girl until David Greenhalgh recovers his money she misused with her lover Meddie Sentongo.Meddie was released and has tried  to defend his property from the old pensioner.

Bad Black and David

Bad Black

In the meantime, this is what Greenhalgh is doing! He has dragged the lawyer he paid to represent his company Davashan Development to recover the 11billion in question to the Uganda Law Council .Mr Fitz Patrick Furah failed to deliver, and Greenhalgh accuses him of being dubious and unprofessional.

Mr Greenhalgh hired Furah to recover the Shs11 billion from Bad Black and Meddie after they were convicted of criminal offences before the Kololo based Anti-Corruption court and not ordered to refund the stolen money.

Bad Black recently handed herself to police after getting tired of hiding from the law .She had run out of the country on the ticket of treating her breasts.