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By Kezia Agaba

The Court of Appeal has maintained the sentence that was given to police constable Ramadhan Magara who shot and killed two people during the 2006 presidential campaigns at Bulange Mengo.

Three Judges of the court led by Justice Rubby Awere Opio said that High Court Judge Wilson Kwesiga who convicted Magara of manslaughter in 2009 was fair since his action resulted into the death of two people Gideon Makabayi and Vincent Kavuma.

The evidence provided during the trial had indicated that Magara signed for 30 ammunition but at the time of his arrest, he was found with 15 ammunition but failed to account for 15 ammunition whose cartridge was recovered at the scene of crime.

Magara had appealed against the sentence arguing that it was harsh and excessive since he was provoked by some people in the crowd who smashed his car screen.

“This appeal has no ground. We hereby dismiss it and confirm the conviction and sentence,” Justice Opio ruled on Wednesday