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By Ahura Mujuni Mark

Members of Amarula Comedy group have been accused of stealing the money contributed for Paddy Bitama’s burial.

One of the families struggling to get for the body of Paddy claim that Amarula family members have collected a lot of money from well-wishers and used it for their own selfish motives.
Paddy Bitama  burial money

Paddy Bitama worked with Amarula Family with Amooti Omubalanguzi and Messe Bontwe for some good years but left the group recently and decided to join politics. The group has been active in the burial arrangements of their former colleague, though police is still holding the body of Paddy at Mulago Hospital, holding different investigations over different claims of his paternity.

Messe Bontwe told the press yesterday that they have so far used part of the money in the burial arrangements adding that part of the money is still in the bank, on the Amarula family bank account. He noted that some people have been bringing to them fake money and it was thrown out by the bank.

He added that the money remaining on the account will be handed over the family police will declare as the rightful owners of Paddy Bitama’s body.Besides Paddy Bitama’s known family at Bbira, Mityana road,another man identified as Peter Njegula Kasozi also claims  to be Paddy’s father. He says the body should be given to him for a decent burial .

Paddy Bitama succumbed to skin cancer on Saturday.