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A school in Iganga district has expelled a total of 22 students over lesbianism in the wake of the passing off the anti-gay bill in parliament.

According to sources at Iganga Secondary School, the students who were practicing the act were mostly in senior two and three. The expulsion occurred after the headmistress, Ms. Aida Balinenseko held a meeting with the students’ parents.

School Expels Students Over LesbianismThe letter stated that the students had failed to reform despite counselling which had been offered to the girls. “I am sorry to inform you that your daughter’s conduct can no longer be tolerated. The administration has repeatedly counselled her [them], but she has not reformed and there are no signs that she will reform in the near future,” the letter dated November 29th read.

One of the teachers at the school stated that the girls had been found with a number of intimacy toys including artificial private parts although they are not sure how the objects got their way into the school. Mr. Robert Emerikol, the school’s Public Relations Officer denied the claim that the expulsion was due to lesbianism although he confirmed the expulsion of the students.

One of the affected parents revealed that they had been informed of their daughters’ activities in a meeting held at the school in the presence of their daughters and Ms. Balinanseko. “The headmistress called me for a meeting to discuss the behaviour of my daughter and it was from there that she told us that they were practicing lesbianism and that they would be expelled. After the meeting, she handed us the expulsion letters,” said the parent. “The girls were, however, not allowed to make any submissions during the meeting,” he added.

The expulsion comes in light of a recent passing of a controversial bill, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009, a bill which criminalizes intimacy between people of the same gender. According to the Bill, any person found guilty of the act is liable to life in prison. The Bill seeks to “protect family set ups and strengthening capacity to check threats to traditional family values,” according to MPs. The President however is yet to sign to the Bill.