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The British police says there  is no “credible evidence” to support a theory the SAS were involved in the death of Diana, the Princess of Wales.

The revelation comes after the completion of an investigation which was launched last August, when  an unrelated court martial of an SAS soldier heard evidence of an alleged known conspiracy in the ranks that former members of the SAS  were involved in the deaths of  Princes  Diana, her partner Dodi Fayed and their driver in Paris on August 31, 1997.

Princess Diana  Death Sas Was Not Involved

“The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) undertook a scoping exercise to assess the relevance and credibility of that information,” the force said in a statement issued Monday.

“Whilst there is a possibility that the alleged comments in relation to the SAS’s involvement in the death may have been made, there is no credible or relevant evidence to support a theory that such claims had any basis in fact,” Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley declared.