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By Kiberu Amooti

The Minister in charge of Kampala city, Frank Tumwebaze is on the verge of being unseated as lawmakers manage to collect 40 signatures to unseat him after his chairing a meeting which unseated Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, a move that was seen an unlawful and unconstitutional.

According to Jane Kibirige, the Clerk to the Ugandan National Assembly, the motion to censure Tumwebaze was approved last week. In a letter dated 5th December 2013, Mrs. Kibirige wrote that she had received a note on 2nd December from the MPs seeking to unseat Mr. Tumwebaze.

A total of 125 signatures are needed to unseat the controversial Minister but so far, only 40 have been collected.

Lawmakers accuse Tumwebaze of undermining the constitution during the whole process because he acted contrary to a court order which had already been issued to block the voting by the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) councillors to unseat the Lord Mayor. Western Youth MP Gerald Karuhanga last week stated that the Minister has to be punished so that others learn from him.

He went on to add saying that Mr. Tumwebaze violated Article 118 of the Constitution which provides for respect of the Oath of office.