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By Kezia Agaba

‘Viola’  redo star Geosteady is reportedly in jail .The last time we talked about the star here was when Elly Wamala’s widow was promising doom to artistes redoing her late husband’s songs without the family’s permission.It has come to pass with Geosteady one of them.


Geosteady was Arrested and Jailed over Elly Wamala’s ‘Viola’ redo Hit

Yesterday he cried out to his fans for help via the social media ,indicating that he is behind bars .However ,no official statement has been made from his manager about his imprisonment over the song he claims ,he got permission to redo .

“Jailing is not a solution but sitting down with u is very executive.
I got the permission from Phiona Mukasa daughter of the late Elly Wamala n she never acknwolegd mi on legal documents to sign and she denies this time.
Nway God judges every man according to his/her wrongs I know he will.
I love those who support me may God bless u.” He said