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Sheikh Ibrahim Ismail- a popular preacher at Kenya’s Port of Mombasa was  shot dead on Thursday evening.

Sheikh Ibrahim Ismail preached at Mombasa’s Masjid Musa mosque, which attracts some radical followers. He was viewed as the successor to Aboud Rogo Mohammed, a controversial preacher accused of links to Somalia’s Shabab fighters, who was himself assassinated in a drive-by shooting in August 2012.

The preacher who was linked to a radical mosque was shot by a group of gunmen who killed other three  people in a drive -by shooting attack,Al Jazeera reported Friday.

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“They were five people in a vehicle when it was sprayed with bullets,” a senior police officer said on Friday from the scene.

An AFP reporter at the scene said the car, the windows smashed and the doors riddled with bullet holes, had veered off the main coastal highway running north out of Mombasa.