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By Ahura Mujuni Mark

Ten major funders of the Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) have halted their funding until an investigations into smuggling allegations by the URCS boss is complete.

URCS boss Mr Micheal Nataka has been accused by Uganda Revenue Authority officials of smuggling goods worth Shs800 million disguised as property of URCS with intent to evade taxes.

The American Red Cross,Belgium Red Cross,British Red Cross ,German Red Cross,Danish Red Cross ,Finish Red Cross,and others in a statement issued yesterday by the chairman and central governing Board of the URCS said that  such allegations   were compromising their ability to look  for more funding to the Non Governmental Organisation.

Uganda Red Cross Society

“It is therefore ,with great sadness that we must now withhold the transfer of any further funds to to Uganda Red Cross ,pending the launch of an immediate independent investigation into all the allegations made in various media reports” The donors said in their statement.