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The Foreign Minister of Belize Wilfred P. Elrington has accused developed nations of failing to fulfill their commitment on helping developing countries achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

“It is evident that for some inexplicable reason, the developed countries abandoned goal 8,” Wilfred P. Elrington told the General Assembly’s high-level debate, referring to the MDG on a global partnership for development.

“We note with disappointment, that the rich countries have not even been able to bring themselves to honour their commitment to contribute even the 0.7 per cent of their gross domestic product as official domestic assistance to poor countries,” he said.

In addition, the resources being provided by the international and other financial institutions and by private donors “fall far short” of what is needed by poor countries to attain the MDGs.

Mr. Elrington noted that the MDGs were a major breakthrough in the UN’s development agenda. “It held forth the hope for the provision of massive amounts of desperately needed aid, technology transfer and other development assistance from affluent nations, financial institutions and philanthropists to nations mired in poverty.”

However, 13 years later, the scorecard reveals that while a minority of countries are showing successes in attaining the Goals, the vast majority of nations are still mired in poverty with scant, or no sign of development, he added.

Mr. Elrington urged that the post-2015 development agenda be informed by the international community’s experiences with the MDGs.