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A 42 year old cheating woman in Zimbabwe decided to compensate her husband with her  ten year old niece.

The Chivi woman gave her  young niece reportedly to save her marriage.Susan Zanga was caught pants down with another man in her village.

After handing over the ten year old to her husband,she warned him to wait until she matures before any form of intimacy.

The arrangement was made after a traditional meeting by the couple’s relatives was convened to resolve Zanga’s case of infidelity.

During the meeting, she apologised for doing wrong to her husband and subsequently offered the girl as compensation.

However locals later discovered that Agripa Batrai ,Zanga’s husband had  started abusing the girl before the legal age .They tipped off police and he was arrested .

Zanga and her husband  Batirai, 47, thus  appeared before Masvingo magistrate Judith Ziya where the rare compensation deal was revealed.

Court verdict

Court heard that Batirai had been abusing the girl since 2008.