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By Suzan Kabarwani

The United Nations report indicates  that Ugandans are the happiest people in the East African region and Kenyans  the second happiest people despite being the strongest economically.

The study carried out over a period of three years beginning 2010 encouraged governments to put in place ways to encourage citizens to be happy and not sulk always.

Uganda is ranked 120 out of 156 countries surveyed .Kenya stands at  123. Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi in descending order take the consecutive slots from 151.

Uganda Cranes Supportes

Happy Uganda Cranes Supporters

Angolans were found to be the happiest in the continent but came 61st in the world followed by Algerians (73), the Libyans (78), Nigeria (82), and Ghana (86) Togolese are the least happy and is placed last (156) in the list and just on top of the West-African country, is Benin (155).

Globally, the Danes are the happiest people followed by Norwegians then the Swiss, Dutch (Netherlands) and the Swedes close the top five happiest people on the planet.