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A man proposed to his girlfriend by seemingly writing the words “will you marry me?” on the moon.

Astronomer David Osario, 27, says  one morning as he  had breakfast, he looked up at the telescope and the idea just hit him.

When he came to proposing to his six years girlfriend Saydi Rodriguez, 26 ,on the moon was his marriage proposal.

He printed the words on the eyepiece of his telescope.After a romantic meal out, the pair of star-crossed lovers headed to an observatory to look at the night sky.

Man Writes to the Moon to Propose to Girlfriend

Astronomer David Osario and girlfriend Saydi Rodriguez

Mr Osario fixed his custom-made eyepiece to the telescope and asked Miss Rodriguez to look at the full moon.

When she looked through the eyepiece she saw Mr Osario’s proposal silhouetted against the moon. She turned to find Mr Osario on one knee, with a ring in his hand.

Miss Rodriguez was ecstatic and immediately said yes.