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By Sandra Birungi

A sewage pipe has burst open and the waste has leaked into the homes of residents in the district.

The sewage pipe belonged to a hospital in Moyo district and it burst about a month ago. As a result, the waste has been sipping from the pipe and making its way into the homes of the residents.

Hospital Sewage Pipe Bursts Open, Waste Leaks Into Resident's HomesNo action has been taken by Moyo hospital and town council to rectify the situation.

“Our children are at risk of catching infections such as cholera,” said Rose Bayoa, a resident of Elenderea village. “We have cried out loud to the hospital management and the town council to fix the pipe but this has yielded no results.”

Bayoa said that a team of district officials visited the burst pipe to assess the situation three weeks ago, but nothing has been done. She claims that the district asked each residents to contribute shillings 5000 to have the sewer line fixed.