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By Emmanuel Omona

The Gulu Resident District Commissioner, James Navinson Kidega has called for the verification of credentials of  all the staff of Gulu municipality saying that some people do not know their responsibilities.

While speaking at a local radio talk show last week ,Kidega said that government should for this reason intervene and assess the academic credentials of all the staff.

“There are some staff I have already been told that do not qualify to work in the Mayor’s office and they are the ones who are causing confusion there”, Kidega added

However George Labeja, the Gulu mayor confirmed the disorganization in Gulu Municipality saying they are being fueled by politicians who look for cheap popularity.

“I know there are a number of Gulu Municipality staff who are being incited by the politicians to wadge wars on me. I have seen many of them on the corridors of my office”, Labeja noted