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By Jane Nambi

A bridegroom was arrested on his wedding day after allegedly beating up his bride’s sister and several family members.

The incident took place in Saudi Arabia where the man was arrested for the assault which he allegedly committed the day before the wedding. The fight allegedly began when the groom wanted to take a picture with his new wife but the older sister of the bride refused his presence in the picture room. She subsequently called her sister aside and asked her to tell the groom to leave but he insisted.

Bride Groom Arrested for Beating Bride's Sister on Wedding Day

A Saudi Arabia wedding illustration.

The situation got worse which resulted into the groom assaulted the woman. Other female relatives to joined the fight as the bride tried to calm the situation, but failed. That was when the male relatives joined the fight.

The groom fled from the scene but several women complained to the police, saying they were victims of an assault. The groom was arrested hours later and his case was transferred to the investigation’s unit.

The wedding celebration was held in a hall in Mecca in western Saudi Arabia.