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By Jane Nambi

Bebe Cool is going to hold a music battle with the Good Lyfe crew members, Radio and Weasel with whom he has been having a grudge with.

Bebe, Radio and Weasel will hold the alleged battle on December 6th at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds. The concert is being organized by Musa Kavuma of KT Promotions.

Bebe Cool to Hold Music Battle With Radio & Weasel

Bebe Cool with wife, Zuena who is the new talk show host of NTV’s Life Stories.

Bebe and the crew’s duo have been having a grudge over the latter’s wife, Zuena. Radio apparently used to date Zuena but because she needed someone with money yet at the time he did not have money, she decided to go away with Bebe. Zuena has continuously denied the allegations that he knew Radio or even dated him at all but he has insisted that the two know each other.

As a result, the issue has brought up a lot of beef between Zuena’s husband, Bebe and the Good Lyfe Crew duo, Radio and Weasel. They have sung songs dissing each other most songs which gave the duo the fame they now have.

Bebe last week held a concert for his song Kokodiosis which was a big hit. Radio and Weasel on the other hand were nominated for the prestigious Black Entertainment Awards (BET Awards) although they lost to Nigerian counterpart, Ice Prince.

Bebe Cool to Hold Music Battle With Radio & Weasel 1Since their inception, Radio and Weasel have produced and released several hits making them some of the best-selling Ugandan artists in addition to originality.

Last year, Bebe held a battle with popular rival, Bobi Wine and pocketed a huge amount of money. How will this show be, watch this space.