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By Jane Nambi

Zuena is going to host NTV’s Life Stories after Justin Nameere quit.

Nameere quit the television show last month, July shocking the faithful viewers of the show which is centered around telling people’s stories, in particular sad stories. “Today I resigned from NTV. I have faced many challenges in recent months, that have ripped me of the balance I had secured between work and my education yet education is the core in life. Thanks to NTV for the opportunity but I have to let go. My dear guests, viewers and fans thanks for the endless love and support. Please don’t get upset, consider this a break, I have a lot in stock for yo,” Justine said while announcing her resignation from NTV. However, it was said that she was actually pregnant.

NTV's Justin Nameere of 'Life Stories' Quits TV Show

Former Life Stories host, Justin Nameere.

Since Nameere’s resignation, the show has been off the screen. Announcing that she is the new host of the show, Zuena said, “Ladies & gentlemen am proud to announce that am your new host for Life Stories which airs every Sunday from 5pm to 6pm on NTV, let’s do this together.”

Zuena has big feet to fill as Justine was looked up to for the show which she has presented for 26 months. Zuena is the wife of singer, Bebe Cool and she is known mostly for her beauty. Among the three musicians, Bobi Wine, Chameleone and Bebe, Zuena is looked at as the most beautiful of all women of the three artists. However, she has been looked at as piece of art to be exhibited doing nothing but being a house wife.

Zuena to Host NTV's Life StoriesWith her bakery business already running, Zuena has to prove herself once again that pretty girls do have brains too.

Good luck and congratulations Zuena.