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By Emmanuel Omona

Women in Keyo trading centre, Amuru district have called for the ban of sale of Alcohol parked in sackets in their trading centre saying it is the reason their men have become lazy.

Speaking to Uganda Picks today ,the women claimed that when their men go for  drinking,they forget to dig and carry on with their responsibilities at home.

One of the women who identified herself as Santa said that she has been abandoned by her husband for over one year with three  children.

“I have been waiting for him to return home to look after children but he even sleeps in bars now” Santa explained.

Some of the women also explained that sacket alcohol was making some of their men to become impotent.

They want the government to stop the sale of sacket alcohol so that their men become responsible.

Alcoholism has been blamed for many things in Acholi region after the over 20 years of the LRA Insurgency.