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By Jane Nambi

A woman was fired from her church job for getting pregnant out-of-wedlock.

Yolanda Nyangaza was a ZAOGA church employee who was fired after she became pregnant out-of-wedlock with a man she met when she was still working at the church.

Nyangaza met the father of her child, Valentine Munetsi at the church premises. They dated for sometime after which she became pregnant with her first-born. Upon learning of it, she was fired at church since they do not allow women to get pregnant out-of-wedlock. She however got married to Munetsi soon after when she was four months pregnant.

It was then that she went for an HIV test only to find out she was positive while her husband was not. Nyangaza, while narrating her situation to court said she already knew of her HIV status but did not want to lose Munetsi before becoming pregnant. When her husband found out she was positive, they separated.

She said she never wanted to tell him of her HIV status because she wanted to get pregnant. “He pressured me into having intercourse and I failed to tell him the truth until I fell pregnant. I was sacked from my employment at church premises because it is church policy that one should not fall pregnant before marriage,” she said.

She gave birth when they had separated and he forced her surrender the child to him. “Initially I allowed him to take the child, but I asked where they were taking the child but he refused to say,” she said. She added that she was later allowed access on appointment for not more than 10 minutes.