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By Emmanuel Okwii

An unknown man could be writhing in pain after his tongue was bitten off in a case of an attempted rape. The man who is currently being hunted by the police in the Eastern district of Soroti had his tongue mutilated by a woman he attempted to rape on Tuesday night in Kichinjaji Cell, Soroti town.

Ms Angelina Ayuro, the victim’s tormentor told the Soroti police on Wednesday that a man broke into her house at about 1AM on Tuesday night, strangled her and threatened to kill her in case she made an alarm.

“At about 1am in the morning, someone forced my door open. When I asked who he was, he simply jumped into my bed and held my throat,” Ms Ayuro said adding that she tried making an alarm in vain since the man had gagged her mouth.

She said that having noticed that the man had overpowered her; she pretentiously gave in to the man’s prowess. The man immediately began fondling and kissing her.

“I timed him such that by the time his tongue was fully in my mouth, I bit it off and he immediately fled,” the 30 year old food vendor at Soroti Bus Park said. By press, the tissue that was once a man’s tongue had been collected by the police surgeon in Soroti for confirmation tests to be carried out on it. However, the woman said that the suspect did not succeed in raping her.

The Kichinjaji Oc Police, Mr Ekaju James said that the police had issued a four days’ ultimatum for the suspect to surrender or else they would start combing the neighborhood.

“He should surrender before his condition worsens because we know that his injury might be fatal. We also encourage whoever is harbouring him to let him surrender such that he can be treated,” Mr Ekaju said.