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By Mirembe Martina

Weasel has finally revealed why he will never forgive his older brother, Jose Chameleone and it is not what everyone speculated it to be.

According to local media, Weasel left Leone Island because Chameleone had an intimate relationship with his girlfriend. Weasel however really loved this particular girl. It all happened in Jinja when Chameleone announced he had staged a concert in the district for Radio and Weasel. However, he told them at the time that he would be able to perform.

Weasel Reveals Why He Will Never Forgive Older Brother, Jose ChameleoneWeasel led the group to Jinja as Chameleone had said he would go later. According to an insider, as soon as they left for Jinja, Chameleone called Weasel’s girlfriend and the two met at his Seguku home; at the time, wife, Daniella was abroad. It was there that they had an intimate relationship.

When they started having disagreements, Chameleone bluntly told Weasel about the intimacy he had with his girlfriend and that was when he promised never to forgive his elder brother.

Radio and Weasel split from Leone Island in 2008 led by Jeff Kiwanuka and formed the Good Lyfe Crew.