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By Mirembe Martina

The British royal family revealed new pictures of the three-week Prince George Alexander Louis together with family.

The photos were released by Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton today, Tuesday. George, the third in line to the British throne, was born on July 22. These however are not the first pictures of the royal baby; Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gave the world the first glimpse of their newborn son when they left a London hospital the day after his birth but he has not been seen since.

Prince William and Kate have broken tradition over the years and this was no different. Instead of a traditional formal photograph for George’s first official photo shoot, the couple released two shots taken by the duchess’s father, Michael Middleton, in early August in the garden of her family home in Berkshire.

New Pictures of Prince George Alexander Louis With Prince William & KateIn one of the photos, Prince William is in a blue, open-necked shirt and jeans, with his arm around Kate, dressed in a fuchsia-colored dress and holding their sleeping son wrapped in a crocheted, white blanket. The second photo shows the couple sitting on a picnic blanket with Kate again holding a sleeping Prince George. With them is their beloved black cocker spaniel, Lupo, while the Middleton family’s golden retriever, Tilly, lolls at one side.

“They do like to do things in their own way and that is not a bad thing but in this particular instance they may come in for a bit of flack over this,” Joe Little, managing director of Majesty magazine said “People would have liked a better look at George and you can’t see his face clearly. These are not much more than family snapshots and they are not of a professional standard.”

The photos were released a day after Prince William gave his first interview since the birth. “As a few fathers might know I’m actually quite looking forward to going back to work,” joked William, who is second in line to the throne after his father.