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By Suzan Kabarwani

Government has announced yet another youths fund in its continued effort to fight unemployment in the country. Shs256 billion is enough to make a great section of Ugandan youths happy as planned, but this may never come to pass if the right strategies of its access and use are not laid out clearly to the youth and the leaders of the project. The fund could equally turn out a spot for youths grudges countrywide just as the capital venture fund and other efforts which have been suggested for the youths.

I think that before the release of this new fund, the following questions should be laid out and given proper answers. This should take as much time as needed since haste in projects as these have already given bad results. What is the aim of this funding? How many youths are going to benefit from this funding? How many youth projects are identified for this government funding? How are youths going to receive these funds for their projects? Within which time frame should government expect fruits from this form of funding?

On youth leaders of different regions: Youth leaders right from parliament to the bottom level should be able to analyze projects initiated by their area youth to check their worthiness for funding. They should check all projects  their area youths aim at embracing to end unemployment .For instance ,they should provide experts to guide youths on projects like , Metal fabrication ,video editing ,poultry ,carpentry, diary production ,shoe making  and bakery .They should extend their efforts to searching for possible markets for the products within and out of the country. This will guard the youth against venturing in projects which cannot give immediate results. This I say, because most government youth funds have been released with poor planning causing total resource wastage.

Youth leaders at the grass root level have shown little involvement in the distribution of these funds yet they provide solutions to the youths’ problems and they become less of the burden to them. With the release of these fresh funds, their involvement will be vital in the following ways; ensuring accountability and guarding against the trend of political ambitions driving the youth’s developmental projects.
Real form of employment: Youth fund projects in themselves can provide employment to many young people. Countrywide identification, monitoring and evaluation of the performance of youth projects can become full time work of countless but brilliant youth in Uganda. This can lessen on the number of youth searching for jobs on streets.

As I end this proposal, I would also like to note that successful youth projects will help Uganda accomplish its vision 2040 and without which, it will be a failure since the youth are a greater and active proportion of Uganda’s great population.Success of the youth is outright accomplishment of the country’s vision .

Let the youth too stop  blaming government for their non development , believe in themselves, stop allowing manipulation by politicians, avoid self centeredness and materialism which have so far caused failure to most youth trying to make a life.