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By Ahura Mujuni Mark

Police in Mubende district this weekend arrested a man who was marrying off his daughter for the second time .

Lawrence Kasuse of Kyegonza village ,Mubende district ,his daughter  Annet Nakinaalwa and James Kinobe who was being introduced are being detained waiting to be arraigned in court.

The introduction ceremony  was being held in secret to avoid capturing a lot of attention.

Mr Kinobe ,the new man had brought a lot of items which included meat ,soap,paraffin ,rice and Soda.

He was accompanied by only six people since he knew that his lover ,Nakinalwa had already introduced another man identified Muhammed Lutaya some time back.

However, police advanced and ceremony was halted.

Police had been notified on Friday that Ms Nakinalwa was planning to introduce another man.