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By Emmanuel Omona

The survivors of the Lukodi Massacre have blamed the government for not giving them help despite their pleas since 2004.

The residents while talking to Uganda Picks  from Lukodi Trading Centre in Gulu during a commemoration  of the massacre said that they have lost hope of getting help from the government.

They said that the government has been giving help to many survivors in different places but theirs have landed on deaf ears.

They also want the fugitive LRA boss prosecuted and government to compensate people who lost their relatives and property.

Nelson Olango, a resident of Lukodi village, wants the government to establish a secondary school where their children can study.

“We have orphans and child mothers who are very poor and they cannot afford school fees. The school can help them”, Olango begs.

Doreen Abalo, another victim who lost her husband and three step children in the attack, explains that she is haunted by memories of the massacre.

“We also need a counseling centre so that we can be counseled to live like others”, Abalo said

Balington Pa’Ongwech, the LC5 representative for Bungatira Sub County reechoed the concerns for the Lukodi LRA survivors saying it is urgent since the government has given reparations in other regions.

“Can you imagine the government has been overlooking the Lukodi victims yet the survivors of the 2010 bomb blast and the Namungona victims who were burnt were all compensated”, Pa’Ongwech argued.

On May 19, 2004, a group of the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels came to an IDP camp in Lukodi and murdered over 50 people after UPDF soldiers in the nearby camp were overpowered.

The rebels also destroyed property, abducted scores while others managed to escape with bullet wounds.