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By Emmanuel Okwii

The Kumi LC5 Chairperson, Mr Ismail Orot has blasted the Iteso and Teso leaders for not promoting agriculture in the region. He said that the current food shortfalls were as a result of the failure by local farmers to adapt to new practices meant to help them cope with the current weather challenges and its effects on food production and reluctance by leaders in promoting wide scale agriculture.

“Even the hardworking people are now complaining of food shortage. Amounts of food at the household level have continued to deteriorate. Leaders are not doing much about this and they encourage people to go and stay in town” Mr Ismail Orot said.

He also said that the Government should help farmers in Teso come up with alternative cash crops. According to him, Traditional staple foods like cassava, millet and potatoes were now being  sold for income, something he said was dwindling the food reserves.

Although Teso region enjoyed abundance of crop harvests in the past, this situation has since changed with many families now surviving on just a meal in a day. Over 30,000 families across the region are reported to be surviving on the bare minimum.