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By Mirembe Martina

35 year old John Mayer said the song, ‘Who You Love’  is actually about his girlfriend, Katy Perry and in an interview, he revealed that he is no longer running from his love for Perry.

John Mayer Says 'Who You Love' is About Katy Perry - 'I'm Not Running Anymore'During an interview with Billboard, Mayer said of the song, “I kicked around this song about you love who you love,” he told Billboard. “It’s also a confessional for myself. I started singing [the song], “My girl, she ain’t the one I saw coming and sometimes I don’t know which way to go and I tried to run before, but I’m not running anymore.”" He goes ahead and adds, “I tried to be alone and i can’t.”

Mayer and Perry did a duet for the same song. “It’s a really fun opportunity for her to write like her answer to that,” he said. “So, you get these two sides to this relationship that are brutally honest.”

Perry’s lines in the son say, “My boy, he ain’t the one that I saw coming,” Perry’s verse says. “And some have said his heart’s too hard to hold. And he takes a little time but you should see him when he shines.”

Perry and Mayer dated for several months before splitting up in March, only to reunite in June.