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By Jane Nambi

The ex-wife almost run into the current wife and i don’t think i would like to think the amount of awkwardness which would enveloped that scene.

Brad Pitt’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston and current wife, Angelina Jolie almost run into each other aboard an airplane had it not been for a last-minute schedule change. Aniston and Jolie were both booked to fly on the same British Airways flight from Los Angeles to London on Sunday last week. At the very last-minute, 44-year-old Aniston changed to travel on Monday instead. An airline source confirmed.

Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie Almost Run Into Each Other Aboard a Plane“Whether it was because Angelina was on the Sunday flight, we don’t really know, but she did change it,” the source explained. Jolie is the soon to be wife of 49-year-old Pitt with whom they share three children. Jolie and Pitt started dating after he separated with Aniston, a situation that left the latter at a loss.

“The airline has VIP greeters who do chat about this sort of thing and may have informed each other of the [Aniston-Jolie] conflict but nobody can say for sure.”

Aniston’s rep however denied the report saying: “We were always leaving for London on Monday on the flight we took. Plus, we don’t know the travel plans of Angelina.”

Aniston recently threw a 42nd birthday bash for her husband-to-be, Justin Theroux.