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By Emmanuel Omona

A number of farmers in Got –Atoo village in Gulu district have asked the government to give them irrigation systems for managing climate change in their gardens.

The farmers are concerned that they used to plant beans every June 12 to 20 but now they can no longer plant around that period.

They say they plant either earlier than June or late June according to the changes in Climate to get good harvests.

Jorum Opiya said that he has been counting his losses since May this year when they started harvesting some of their crops in their gardens.

“The climate has changed completely and we cannot know whether it is rainy or sunny “, Opiya explained.

Jennifer Piloya, a mother of 3 said she planted 2 acres of Ground nuts this year but all of them got stunted because of sunshine.

“Out of 2 acres, I only harvested 3 basins. Can you imagine”, Piloya wonders.

Piloya adds that only irrigation system can help to cope with the changing climatic conditions in the region.

Piloya notes that sometimes, when they expect rainy season for planting, they get instead sunshine which makes their crops stunted and vice verser.

Thomas Okello  a another farmer in Got- Atoo planted an acre of beans and was sure that he would not have hunger next year, but the sunshine destroyed them all.

“We can hardly rely on the old weather pattern to expect good harvests, this is so serious”, Okello explained.

Jackson Lakor, the Gulu district agricultural officer blamed it on the insurgency.

Lakor said that most of the weather stations in Northern Uganda were destroyed during the LRA Insurgency and that there is need for the government to re-equip the stations.