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By Jane Nambi

It might as well be genetic where you are given birth to.

Five day old Hannah Grace Mary Pavlik was given birth to in a parking lot and incidentally, her father too was given birth to in a parking lot. Hannah was born last Saturday in the parking lot of a gas station five miles from her family’s home in Yorkville, Ill. Her father, Frank celebrated his birthday the next day, Sunday, Aug. 18, which was also the 33 rd anniversary of his own birth in a parking lot.

Girl Born in Parking Lot Just Like Her Father“On the eve of my birthday she pulled her father’s move and did the same thing,” Pavlik said of the unlikely bond he and his daughter already share. “What’s the chance of this happening, let alone in the same family? It’s pretty amazing.” In 1980, Pavlik’s mom was home alone with Pavlik’s two older siblings when she started to go into labor. His dad drove home from work, picked up his wife and took off for the hospital. Before they could get there, however, Pavlik’s mom’s went into labor and his dad pulled into the parking lot at the Louis Joliet Mall in Joliet, Ill., and delivered his son.

33 years later, Pavlik’s wife, Erica, 31, was home with the couple’s two older children while Pavlik was at work. Even though her due date was Aug. 27, Erica began to feel contractions and called her sister to come watch the kids and called Pavlik to tell him to come home. She then called her mom to take her to the hospital.

Five miles from home, with her mom behind the wheel, Erica’s water broke and they pulled over to the Earth Market BP gas station in Oswego. “I got a call [at work] from both my wife and my mother-in-law basically saying that if you want to see your child born you better come now,” Pavlik said. When he arrived, his baby girl had been born at a strong six pounds, three ounces and 20 inches long.

“My mother-in-law delivered the baby,” he said. “She caught the baby. The paramedics were on the scene but my mother-in-law did all the work.”

“Everybody is doing great,” Pavlik said. “We’re very blessed that everything worked out okay because a lot could go wrong. We’re very blessed.”