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By Our Reporter

The office of the  Directorate of Public Prosecution is at the verge of being thrown out of their rented office premise at Workers House over  failure to pay rent arrears of shs930M

In his presentation to the committee, the deputy director in charge of management support services at the directorate, Amos Ngolobe said they have a debt of shs930million as rent and the land lord is about to send them out.

He said that,the ministry of finance has told them to look elsewhere within the budget and recess several activities worth shs930M.

The vice chairperson of the committee Stephen Bakka Mugabi says it’s absurd that government is still renting several premises for its entities which the landlords are increasing fees when they wish.

Mugabi says as a committee, they are to seat with the ministry of finance and clear the rent arrears and will recommend that the finance ministry  looks for this money.

The committee is also concerned about the difference in salaries in government entities that has led to inefficiency within the staff.

This was noted in the ministerial policy statement of the directorate where the salaries are low compared to those in the IGGs office yet they nearly do the same job.

The committee also noted that the DPP is losing its staff due to this kind of salary variations.

Ajuri county MP Obua Denis suggested that parliament through its recommendations should come up with a salary review commission to review salaries of all civil servants.

The committee has resolved to meet the DPP officials next week with a substantive solution from the ministry of finance.

Members of parliament on legal affairs committee are bitter about the difference in salaries in government entities and a case in point is the difference between the Director of Public Prosecutions and the inspectorate of government.