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By Mildred Nambi

Police at Lyantonde District are holding a Lwamagwa Sub County Councillor in Rakai District for soliciting a bribe of 100, 000 shillings from a resident.

Godfrey Bakokyoyiga, Lwamagwa, Sub County Representative at Rakai District, was arrested for taking a bribe of 100,000 shillings from a resident to help settle a land dispute with his neighbour in his favour.

It is alleged that Willy Magala, a resident of Lwesambya village, in Lwamagwa Sub County, approached Bakokyoyiga, to help him regain a disputed plot of land. Magala was in conflict with his neighbour over this plot of land and Bakokyoyiga asked him for 200,000 shillings so that he could rule in his favour.

Magala, however, managed to convince Bakokyoyiga to reduce the bribe fee to 100, 000 shillings and then alerted police. Police then gave Bakokyoyiga the money whose numbers they had saved.

Bakokyoyiga was arrested at Kyewanula restaurant in Lyantonde district after receiving the money.

Bakokyoyiga nearly managed to get away after the restaurant’s patrons briefly blocked the undercover police officers from arresting him. The patrons demanded for identification before they could let the plain clothes security personnel take away Bakokyoyiga

Lyantonde District Police Commander, Timothy Keith Eyaku, has confirmed Bakokyoyiga’s arrest saying that investigations into the matter have already kicked off.

Eyaku urged locals against trying to handle land conflicts on their own. He noted that these disputes sometimes end in murders because of failing to come to an agreement.

Bakokyoyiga denied the bribery allegations and argued that it is his political rivals who are trying to tarnish his name.

Bakokyoyiga is  detained  at Lyantonde police station as he waits to face charges of soliciting a bribe.