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Scientists are testing a new drug that “revs up” the immune system to destroy cancer in the body.

The drug is being tested on humans for the first time. Scientists at the University of Southampton are in an attempt to tackle cancers, such as those of the pancreas, head and neck that are particularly hard to deal with using available techniques.

The new drug called ChiLob 7/4 by increasing the ability of the immune system to recognise and attack tumours.

New Drug Fighting Cancer

The drug  turns these cells back on and increases their numbers. By giving patients a vaccine at the same time that can train these immune cells to target cancer, doctors say they can focus the immune system’s attacks on the tumour, Calgary Herald said

A trial of 26 patients with pancreatic cancer has already shown encouraging results and now the scientists are to start a pounds 5 million European Union funded trial of the new treatment next year.