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By Sandra Birungi

The Bugishu mudslide areas are going to be added to become a game park.

People previously living on the slopes of Mt. Elgon are going to be re-located to other areas in the Bugishu sub-region. The vacated land is going to be used for the expansion of the Mt. Elgon National Park.
Bugishu Mudslide Areas to Become Game ParkMr Vincent Woboya, the principal disaster management officer in the Office of the Prime Minister confirmed the development. “When we sensitise them and they understand the risks, they will accept to relocate,” Mr Woboya said in answer to if the people will accept the proposed evacuation.

Talking about the evacautions, Bududa chairman John Baptist Nembeshe who had chaired yesterday’s disaster management meeting. “People know how fertile their land is and that is why they prefer to keep near it. How will people fend for themselves if land is taken for a game park? Impossible!” he said.