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Anti-Witchcraft Police ! Heard of this before ? Its here in Saudi Arabia .A special unit of the religious police have been established to pursue magical crime aggressively.Guilty victims will face death sentences.

The Saudi Arabia government  has this  specially trained unit of anti-witchcraft police to track down and punish sorcerers; in 2012 they arrested 215 people.

According to a director of the religious police’s witchcraft division in Riyadh, the unit provides confidentiality to informants.

“We deal with sorcerers in a special way. No one should think that we mention the name of whomever files a report about sorcery,” Sheikh Adel Faqih told the Saudi Gazette

Anti-Witchcraft Police Lanched

However , some Saudi natives say most of the accused are domestic servants or other workers from Africa and Indonesia. Some of these people practice religions, or versions of Islam, that the Saudi state regards as sorcery.

According to Adam Coogle, a Jordan-based Middle East researcher for Human Rights Watch who monitors Saudi Arabia, the relentless witch hunts reveal the hollowness of the country’s long-standing promises about liberalizing its justice system.

In a country where public observance of any religion besides Islam is strictly forbidden, foreign domestic workers who bring unfamiliar traditional religious or folk customs from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Africa, or elsewhere can make especially vulnerable and easy targets