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By Emmanuel Omona

39 polling stations in Gulu district are to be split for easy management of the votes.

David Anyanzo Butti, the Gulu district registrar told the press in his office on Monday that most of the polling stations have more than 900 voters.

Anyanzo adds that some of the polling stations also needed to be renamed if their physical locations have been changed.

“Some of the polling station are named because they are under a certain tree and you may find that the tree might have been cut down 2 years ago. That calls for renaming of that polling station”, Anyanzo exclaimed.

He said that the exercise which begun on the 19th of August will stop on 26th 2013.

Anyanzo called on the local leaders to report any challenges they have so that they may be corrected before the 2016 elections.

Gulu district had 293 during the 2011 elections.