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By Mirembe Martina

In a case of severe obesity, 20-year-old Khaled Mohsen Shaeri from Saudi Arabia weighs 1345 pounds approximately 610kgs.

Shaeri has a series of health problems and caused quite a stir when he was being transported to hospital to receive medical treatment. Due to his weight, he would not walk neither would he be transported by car. Saudi Civil Defence members came to his aid by using a forklift to move him from his home.

20 Year Old Man Weighs 610KgsShaeri was airlifted to Saudi Arabia’s capital of Riyadh for medical treatment on Aug. 19.

He was fork-lifted from his house in the Sadi city of Jizan. His condition of severe obesity saw him gain weight rapidly over the past two years.

The Saudi monarch want to help to reduce his weight.

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