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By Emmanuel Omona

The police in Gulu have netted 2 men who  allegedly conned a primary school teacher last week.

They have been identified as Robert Magaba and Dubua Agwomataki, all residents of Mbale district.

Suspected conmen, Robert Magaba and Dubua Agwomataki being parraded at Gulu central Police station to the press

The police claimed the 2 last week found Carolyn Onyutta in one of the restaurants in Gulu town and intoxicated her.

They then robbed her of  Shs1 m and were nabbed the following day when they tried to con another person.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the police spokes person for Aswa region told Uganda Picks  that the number of conmen was increasing in the region.

“We are also getting many cases of cyber crimes mainly by the use of mobile phones and internet”, Said Okema