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By Mirembe Martina

Every one would love to hate a celebrity. Even those we love, we reach a time and feel we hate because of their pictured ‘perfectness’.

However, when it comes to these particular celebrities, no matter how good they look, they are simply hated virtually by almost everyone.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West; you would think that seeing them at parenting would make you love them more but this couple has failed to rub the public the right way the way Jay Z and Beyonce do. For some reason, everyone is willing to hate Kim and Kanye who have been dubbed Kimnye. No power couple at all, Kimnye welcomed their first-born, a baby girl, North West. The name itself speaks for itself, dumb just. Coupled with the fact that Kim has what many call ‘cheap popularity’ does not help either. Many have said she does not ‘fit’ into Kanye’s world because she does really nothing to gain her fame yet for some reason, everyone follows her every move. As for Kanye, his deliberately pointing out that Taylor Swift winning during an awards show as the female artist of the year does not help either. It was rude and childish, considering the fact that he wanted it go to Beyonce, the wife of his ‘best friend’, Jay Z. Way to go for a ‘power couple’.

Kim & Kanye - Most Hated Celebrities

Justin Bieber; when he first hit the stage with his hit song ‘Love Me’, Bieber melted many hearts, even those old enough to be his mother. Today, he is looked at as a mockery of what he was. He is booed at his shows, most probably that is because he often comes late. His on and off relationship with Selena Gomez does not help either. With all that on the table, he is taking on the wild side, becoming ‘besties’ with bad boy, Chris Brown. Too much drama, too much hate being directed at him. But hey, at least Usher still has hopes he will out grow this stage…good luck with that.

Justin Bieber - Most Hated celebrities

Taylor Swift; most of us love her music, we dance to it without even thinking. Now, take your heart away from the music, and we shall have Swift, the girl infested with boy drama all the way. Since she came to the lime light, she has dated more than three guys and after each, she writes a song about it, who does that? Problem with that, she has dated some of the sweetest guys, but, they break up, whose problem, no one knows but, ‘We are never going back together’ to all of them! Some of the names are Taylor Lautner, Harry Styles, Conor Kennedy, and the list goes on. She is currently getting close to Mathew Gray, good luck Gray.

Taylor Swift - Most hated celebrities

Kristen Stewart; we all loved her ‘awkward’ sense of style and being free-spirited. Up until she started dating 27-year-old Robert Pattinson and later on cheated on him with her director, Rupert Sanders.

Kristen Stewart - Most hated celebrities

John Mayer; Like ex girl friend, Taylor Swift, Mayer is known for being a bad boy who breaks the poor hearts of poor girls. The latest victim was Katy Perry despite having been seen recently seen kissing.

John Mayer - Most hated celebrities