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By Emmanuel Omona

Residents of Kanyagooga have stormed their area Chairman LC I, Florence Atoo to chase a woman they claimed is a witch.

The residents stormed Atoo claiming that she should expel  Veronica Alum Odiya claiming that she gives them sleepless nights.

Jennifer Apio Okello, one of the residents said that all her children have been having night mares since she moved in the neighborhood where Alum rents.

“She makes a very scary sounds like the ones you hear in horror movies and that scare us a lot, especially my children”, Apio explained.

Odong Okello, a another man also a neighbor of Alum claimed that early this month she heard a strange scary sound quite similar to that of a mad dog in front of her house at night and found human foot prints in the morning.

“I heard the sound of a mad dog, after it had rained but I found human foot Prints and when I followed it, I realized that it came from Alum’s hut”, Okello alleges.

But Alum when before the enraged residents at the Chairperson LC I denied the accusations.

Residents then stormed Alum’s house and threw out all her property out  saying that she should go back to her village in Bungatira sub County where all her relatives are staying.

However some residents said on Monday morning that Alum had not moved to Bungatira sub County and that she is still loitering on the streets of Gulu town.