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By Sandra Birungi

Country singer Randy Travis is being treated for viral cardiomyopathy which requires a different procedure, not a heart surgery as earlier on suggested.

A family member revealed that Travis had gone for a heart surgery, reports which have been disapproved.According to Travis’ publicist, he did not have heart surgery, but rather is being treated for viral cardiomyopathy.

Randy Travis is Being Treated for Viral CardiomyopathyA doctor who practices cardiology, Dr. Stephen Dyda said “cardiomyopathy” is a condition that impacts heart muscle cells, resulting in cell death and weakening of the heart. “Viral cardiomyopathy is one of the more common causes of a weakening of the heart muscle, which is sometimes, but not always, associated with symptoms of congestive heart failure. This is usually an untoward consequence of a common upper respiratory tract virus,” he said.

Referring to viral cardiomyopathy, Dr. Dyda said, “Rarely, a more serious virus can cause a viral cardiomyopathy, and this can cause patients to become abruptly ill, decompensate rapidly, and occasionally die before seeking medical attention.”

Travis’s publicist in a statement said Travis “underwent placement of an Impella peripheral left ventricular assist device for stabilization prior to transferring hospitals.”

Travis’s sister-in-law stated on Tuesday that heart problems run in the family, with Travis’s mom actually dying at a young age as a result although Dr. Dyda said this might not be the cause for his condition. “Genetics do play a role in the development of a cardiomyopathy, but typically not in instances of a viral cardiomyopathy, which is typically acquired,” he explains.

What however would have escalated the condition is alcohol and drug abuse. “Significant and routine alcohol consumption serves as a poison to heart muscle cells, which leads to heart muscle cell death, weakening of the heart muscle, and occasionally symptoms of congestive heart failure,” he says.