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By Sandra Birungi

Pope Francis has enacted new laws for the Vatican and among them is criminalizing leaks of Vatican information and [indecent] violence among others.

Other crimes were prostitution and possession of child pornography which were categorized as crimes against children that can be punished by up to 12 years in prison.

Pope Francis Criminalizes Sexual AbusesThe legislation covers clergy and lay people who live and work in the Vatican City although it is different from the canon law which covers the universal Catholic Church. The law comes at a time when the Vatican is set to meet a U.N. committee to come up with ways to protect children from being [intimately] abused by priests.

For leaking information, the penalty will be six months to two years in prison and a €2,000 euro ($2,500) fine; the penalty goes up to eight years in prison if the material concerns the “fundamental interests” of the Holy See or its diplomatic relations.

The new law defines crimes against children under age 18, including the sale of children, child prostitution, recruiting children, [indecent] violence, [intimate] acts with children and the production and possession of child pornography. Punishments go from five to 10 years, with aggravating circumstances bringing the maximum up to 12 years and a fine of 150,000 euros.