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By Jane Nambi

Police has released a report on the Northern Bypass, Namugoona fire accident that has so far claimed the lives of 40 people, according to media reports.

Police Releases Report on Northern Bypass Namugoona Fire AccidentThe report has revealed that the fire which gutted the petrol truck after the accident occurred was as a result of careless boda boda (motorists) on the scene of the accident. The riders are said to have stepped hard on their brakes which caused friction on the tarmac causing sparks which started off  the fire.

An accident occurred on Saturday at about 9:30pm along the northern bypass, Namungoona-Kasubi road when a Toyota Noah, UAS 374C, knocked a fuel tanker, KBL 361D, from the rear side causing the rear valve of the trailer’s third compartment carrying 11,000 litres of petrol to open. The fuel attracted the public to collect the fuel but soon, a fire started and hurt over 40 people and has since killed over 30.

After the Noah car knocked, the trailer was damaged in the front and smoke was seen near the engine. Both Mr. Musa Isaac, the driver of the knocked trailer and Mr. Victor Onyango of the damaged trailer, KBC 433F, have been interrogated but have since been released. The whereabouts of the driver of the Noah are still not yet known.