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By Mildred Nambi

The Inspector General of police General Kale Kayihura has told Rakai residents that the Pentecostal pastor who was recently killed with eight family members was connected to serial killers.

Speaking at Golf Lane Hotel in Masaka at a party organized to congratulate him upon his recent promotion full General, Kayihura said they had registered some breakthrough in the murder of Steven Mugambe, the pastor of Kyebe Pentecostal Church in Kyebe Sub-county, and his family members.

Kayihura says preliminary investigations show that Mugamba was connected to a group of organized serial killers who have been terrorizing Rakai residents.

According to Kayihura, one of the serial killers he declined to identify for security reasons was arrested and detained briefly but he escaped from custody. He says investigations show that the Late Mugamba was involved in questionable deals with one of the wanted serial killers, who murdered him and eight members of his family following a dispute. Kayihura said they have some clues on the commanders of the serial killers adding that, they are hunting for his photos to publish them in news papers and declare him a wanted man.

He also says police is expected to release a report detailing the cause of the killings in greater Masaka region.

Up to 35 people have killed in a similar manner in Greater Masaka Region since this year begun. The murders have puzzled residents as police has failed to arrest and prosecute any suspects in connection to the attacks.

Last week, residents asked Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of police to resign for allegedly failing to resolve the killings.

However Kayihura dismissed calls for his resignation saying he is a survivor, who will go through all this, just like he went through Mabira and Kabaka riots and walk to work protests.

Rakai Criminal investigations Officer Rose Nabakooza, says their inquiry into the murder of nine people in Rakai is complete, but declines to divulge.