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By Jane Nambi

A Mexican woman has been living at the airport for more than a week since returning from the U.S, airport officials said.

The woman, identified as Marcela Silvia Montano Mancera has been living at Cancun’s airport has been living at the airport doing all ‘normal’ things a person would do at home ranging from bathing, eating and sleeping at the airport.

Woman Lives at Airport“She looks like a regular passenger at first glance, people don’t look at her, but we have seen her every day. … We are not doctors, but it’s obvious that she has problems, some of my co-workers tried to speak with her, but at times it seems as if she loses it,” an airline worker revealed.

Employees are worried about the mental health of the 45 year old woman who has been withdrawing money from an ATM inside the airport, which rules out her squatting in the airport out of financial necessity. She has also been allegedly speaking to herself in both Spanish and English since arriving at the airport on June 30.

According to federal police officers, she hasn’t committed a crime by lingering in the airport terminal, so they are unable to force her to leave.